Ego Psychology Theory is based on Freud’s structure of mind model of identity, ego, and superego elaborated in more detail. Individuals have different ego controlling between primitive drives and realities. Individuals always deal with identities, drives and egos. However, if one has good control with ego, they can express their desire, drives and morals in realistic and socially appropriate ways. If failed, one confronts difficulties such as conflict with inner self and loss of mature interpersonal relationship.However, throughout lifetime, individuals change their feelings and behaviors to better fit their needs or minimize their conflict between primitive drives and realities. The material cause for ego psychology is identity and ego. Individuals are born with primitive drives, sexual desires, and egos which enable to organize their identity, drives and synthesize judgment, defined as decisions toward another in feelings, or to be aware of drives that affects feelings in accord with reality.

Mktg - Essay Exampleuse of recycled material is a strategy that is environmentally friendly because it reduces the need to use natural resources such as petroleum for packaging purposes. Another environmentally friendly packaging strategy is to reduce the amount of packaging material used. Companies can use environmentally friendly raw materials in their packaging process. Firm can also utilize reusable containers.Packaging specifications determined by product density encourage shippers to tender loads in densities that make the best use of the equipment’s weight and volume capabilities. Carrier specifications for protective packaging reduce the likelihood of damage to products while they are being carried.A principle that I found surprising out of the 10 material handling principles discussed in the chapter is the life cycle cost principle. I did not realize that companies have to pay close attention to the useful life of the equipment used for packaging. A second principle that I found surprising was the automation principle.

Socialization and Other Skills for the Students - Essay ExampleThe student is in the classroom and often daydreams. In order to help this student, I would work with the student in a quiet area within the classroom. I would break the assignments down into smaller chunks. I would use a timer for this and set the timer to correspond with the student’s attention span. As an example, if I saw that the student began to daydream after ten minutes, I would set the timer for ten minutes and then allow the class to have a short break at the end of each 10 minutes. I would also use small group activities so that the student could interact with other students during the learning process. The third intervention would be to watch the student and as I saw them going into a daydreaming phase I would let them know I was going to call on them next to answer a question. I would remind the class to focus on what we were doing at that time so I could bring the student’s attention back to the classroom.

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